Friday, June 29, 2007


I have spent the last two weeks fine-tuning my lab techniques and honing my ELISA skills. The first two human progesterone assays have been abandoned for the time being. We have been working with bovine serum and milk progesterone kits from the United Kingdom. This assay has worked very well, but the assay is not very sensitive and was designed for qualitative results. We are currently verifying parallelism {similarity between serially diluted samples and standard curves} within this assay with several samples from cows in late pregnancy. This looks promising after purchasing an alternate substrate that can be read by a absorbance filter in our possesion. We have also started working with estrone sulfate kits from Australia. This is a sweet little assay which appears very promising. It was specifically designed for pregnancy testing DHIA milk samples. I will be focusing on incresing the sensitivity of the estrone sulfate assay by looking at other assays (human) and possibly building our own estrone sulfate assay by purchasing indivdual components. The Australian kit is designed to confirm pregnancy at 120 days, but our goal is to lower that number.


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